New D’Addario Reserve Reeds

D’Addario, owner of Rico Brand, launch the new “D’Addario Reserve”, an improvement of the old “Rico Reserve Serie”.

“D’Addario has pioneered the first practical and precise system for digitally measuring and cutting the incredibly complex geometrical patterns necessary to re-invent single reeds. This is not an incremental innovation. This is not an evolution of something good to something better. This is a revolution – one that could have only been achieved by a company with a respected legacy as a pioneer.

This groundbreaking new Digital Reed-Making Process enables musicians and engineers to work side-by-side to design and iterate accurate and meaningful new reed designs in minutes, not months. Over the next two years, every reed they make and every reed vamping machine they presently own at the D’Addario Woodwind facility in Sun Valley, California, will be upgraded to their new digital platform.”

Try the new D’Addario Reserve Classic for Bb Clarinet available in our shop in :

D'Addario Reserve Classic

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Concert: Old Style College Band

Old Style College Band is returning a long standby :

New fresh jazz  themes arrangement and a great new trumpeter Denis Michel.

Fernand Tinturier (trp, ss, sa, arr)
Denis Michel (trp, bugle)
Willy Zumbrunnen (clar, st)
Gérard Desarzens (trb)
Roger Darioli (bjo, guit)
David Sandell (piano)
Jean – François Pfeiffer (basse)
Roland Pellet (drums)


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Complete overhaul for a Tuba

There are the different steps for a compet overhaul for a Tuba

You can clic on the pictures for a bigger size.

First steps.

After a careful cleaning inside and outside, we remove all removable parts (slides, valves, water keys…)

The old laque is removed in a time consuming operation, using a special product. This step is not pictured. You have to be really sure to remove all the laque.

Then the instrument is desoldered to have acces to all dented parts with our tools.

01 02 03 04 0506

Then the main work. It may be necessary to use different tools and technique to remove a single dent. It’s a long and delicate job for a well experimented technician.

07 08 09

After, the polishing…

…and reassembling

11 12

At last, a manual polishing is made to have the better finish before apply the laque. This step is important and determine the final aspect of the instrument.


When laqued, the instrument is finished : we just need to put the valves, re-oil all moving parts and proceed to the last tests !


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New Remo Silenstroke Drumhead

Silentstroke drumheads are ideal for silent drumming applications where standard drum-set volumes are an issue. The single ply mesh material features a soft spring like feel at very low decibel levels. Offered in snare, tom and bass sizes, Silentstroke Drumheads provide a unique practice alternative to standard acoustic drum volumes.

Remo Silentstroke Drumhead list

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Yamaha Slide Stopper

The slide stopper is used to prevent the trumpet slides from coming off the instrument. The slide stopper is made of silicone rubber, which does not discolor the instruments finish like regular rubber does. It can be left in place while playing..

Yamaha Slide Stopper

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